11 Wake-up Calls That Lead to Success

Has something ever happened in your life that startled you back to reality? Something that made you realize you need to take affirmative action if you want to change the focus or direction in your life? Wake-up calls are an uncomfortable way to get you on track, by reminding

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10 Ways You Can Stay Calm

Stay calm and (fill in the rest of the sentence here). Have you noticed all the signs and t-shirts and Facebook posts that tell you to stay calm and then do something? They’re everywhere. Obviously then, staying calm is important to a lot of people, for a lot of different reasons.

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18 Ways to Lead with Humility

Great leaders have certain obvious characteristics. They have vision, charisma, tenacity and passion, to name a few. Oh, and they have followers as well. You can’t be a good leader without people who believe in you and your convictions. But one vital, and often overlooked

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How Goal-Setting Can Change Your Life

What is it that you want to accomplish in life? What do you dream about? The answer to both these questions is probably the same. And, if they’re not, one would most certainly lead to the other. We all want something special in our lives. The best way to achieve it is

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Living a Life of Peace

You are constantly reminded that you must take care of your physical and emotional needs. But what about your spiritual needs? Aren’t they just as important? Just like everyone else, you have a spiritual or religious side embedded deep within you. It connects you to something bigger than yourself.

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