3 Tips To Boost Your Motivation

As we get older, we find that we’re not as eager to learn anything new. Unlike when we were much younger, we’re not as eager and ready to absorb new information.

We feel that our development and growth starts to decelerate. However, it would be wrong to deny ourselves the opportunity to learn. And the truth is, it’s not our inability to learn that keeps us from continuous growth; it’s our desire to.

Wanting to better ourselves requires motivation. We need to put aside our self-doubt and ignore distractions. Here are 3 ways you can overcome self-doubt and continue to progress:

 1. Vocalize Your Visions

We all have some idea of what we want to do. In fact, most of us in business are always scheming up new concepts. We may secretly think about a change of scenery or even new responsibilities.

Unfortunately, many people keep their dreams and aspirations to themselves. And when you can’t say aloud or admit to anyone that you want something more, those hopes never materialize into plans. Those I wishes and I hopes never become I will or I can.

Be your own cheerleader. Declare what you want for yourself and how you intend to achieve it.

2. Take Time to Develop Your Skills

Is there really such a thing as an “overnight success”? No. When people make It big, we usually don’t hear about all the hard work it took of them to get there until their stories are told.

We don’t realize that a crowned Miss Universe lost 3 times before she ever made it to the international stage. We didn’t know that a musician who won artist of the year started playing instruments when they were 3 years old. And we’re surprised how it took many failed products and a near-bankruptcy before a certain entrepreneur bounced back with what is now a multi-million business.

It’s understandable to feel demotivated when you fail. But remember those who didn’t give up. So pay your dues, and you’ll find that all your hard work will be well worth it.

3. Surround Yourself with the Right Environment

Who and what you surround yourself have a huge impact on how you approach life. Be around people who are constantly negative and try to bring you down, and you’ll find yourself sinking to their level. Put yourself in a situation outside of your comfort zone, and you’ll find yourself losing focus. Situate yourself in an environment that inspires you. That includes being with like-minded, forward-looking people who won’t hold you back.

Ultimately, you are in control. It starts with deciding that you’d like to better yourself. Don’t allow distractions to dictate the course of your life. Live intentionally in the right environment and put in the work. You deserve it.