5 Reasons Why Our Dreams Don’t Come True

We all have dreams. We aspire for more than what we are and what we have. And along with having these dreams is the desire to seem them come to life.

But have you wondered why your dreams get stuck and don’t take flight? Why do our dreams remain in our minds and never materialize into more?

Here are 5 reasons why your dreams are not taking off as you would have liked:

  1. We’ve Been Discouraged

Our dreams will never be realized when we choose to listen to criticism and allow them to affect us. Sometimes, we make the mistake of listening to the wrong people. These are the people who instead of uplifting us and encouraging us, squash our dreams with their negativity. They tell us we can’t or we shouldn’t. Some say these things with the intent to make us face “reality.” But what they really do is stifle us and keep us from reaching our goals.

  1. We Lack Imagination

Our dreams come to us to lead the way. They’re meant to aspire us and bring us guidance. But when we are not true to ourselves and claim other people’s dreams as our own, we are not thinking big enough and not giving justice to our potential. Be creative and aspire for things that are unique to you.

  1. We Settle for Less

When we lack self-assurance and self-love, we feel we don’t merit better things. We figure that average will suffice. When we don’t believe we deserve more, we settle for less. If we want our dreams to take flight and soar, we need to be inspired. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be weighed down by mediocrity.

  1. We Quit Taking Risks Out of Fear

Has something in the past hurt you? And has it made you cautious about doing anything that may cause you disappointment again? Painful memories can be debilitating; they cause you to freeze or flee. And when you live in fear, you don’t take action to make your dreams come true. Fear can keep us from being proactive. And they can also stop you from dreaming bigger.

  1. We Lack Confidence

Our dreams need to be supported by our beliefs and our assurance that they will come true when we work hard towards making them come to life. We can’t just hope that they will materialize on their own. When we don’t believe in our own abilities, skills, and knowledge, our dreams get stuck; they don’t move forward.

Ultimately, your dreams will only progress and gain momentum when you take action. Don’t let failure drain the joy out of you and keep you from getting back up. Don’t lose faith that you have the ability to make your dreams soar.