5 Tips To Be More Resilient During Challenging Times

In difficult times, do you hold your ground or do you lose your cool? And when the storm has passed, do you recover quickly or do you wallow in self-pity?

People who are resilient are those who maintain a positive outlook despite being faced with difficult times thus coping with stress more effectively. They bounce back and recover from adversity much quicker than someone who buckles under pressure.

If you want to know what you can do to be more resilient and be more prepared for when life throws you a wildcard, here are 5 ways to show resilience during tough times:

1. Believe That Things Will Get Better

Part of recovering from adversity is knowing that things will eventually get better. It may not be tomorrow or even the week after. Accept that it may take time but also know how important it is for you to push on. If you want things to get better, you need to believe that only good things will happen moving forward.

2. Don’t Isolate Yourself

When bad things happen, we want to just roll into a ball and hide from the world. We don’t want to face people out of fear of being judged, particularly if we blame ourselves for why we’re going through a difficult time in our lives.

However, it’s important to recognize that our friends and family are there to support us through tough times. Allow your social support system distract you from negative thoughts and even offer you guidance.

3. Take a Break From Negative Thoughts

Give your mind a break. It’s natural for you to play the events over and over in your head, thinking about how things could have been different or what you should have done to avoid it. However, these are things that are now beyond your control. Only time can heal things now.

What you need to do is allow your mind to heal and restore itself. Focus on positivity and moving forward. Let go of the pain and replace it with joy and the promise of a better tomorrow.

4. Be Grateful

When you’re feeling low, it’s difficult to find something to be grateful for. But instead of focusing on what went wrong, think about all the things in your life that going right. For one, you are still alive with the ability to turn things around. Count your blessings and be grateful for the opportunity to improve your situation.

5. Distract Yourself with Humor

There’s a good reason why some people handle stress with sarcasm; it’s the mind’s way of coping with stressful situations. Sarcasm that is humorous acts as a defense mechanism, keeping your mind from wallow in sadness.

When you are faced with adversity, one of the best ways to fight off the negative feelings is to show it that it has no power over you; face it with a laugh, a joke, or any way to tell yourself that you can flip this situation into your favor and take control over it.  

Ultimately, resilience is being able to face adversity and laugh in its face. It’s showing gratitude for the things you still have despite what you feel you have lost. It’s not denying yourself the help of your support system, whether that means your large circle of family and friends or the one person you trust the most in this world. And it is getting up again and again no matter how many times you’ve fallen.