7 Benefits Of Being More Optimistic

Research shows that people who are hopeful and confident about the outcome of events are generally happier. This optimism that they feel makes them less stressed and better equipped to face challenges. Optimists view life’s problems differently, making them much more successful at coping.

But beyond that, there are more benefits of being optimistic that cover everything from your physical health to your relationships with yourself and other people. Here are 7 reasons why you should be more optimistic:

1. Optimists Are More Resilient

Optimists are better at bouncing back. No matter what life throws at them, they look for that “silver lining” rather than get hung up on the negativity. Because of this, they’re better at transitioning in times of change.

2. Optimists Have Better Heart Health

Studies have shown that emotional and mental positivity has an effect on the state of our health and overall well-being. People who have a cheery disposition have healthier hearts and better cholesterol levels.

3. Optimists Live Longer

If you want to live a ripe old age, be more optimistic. Because optimists have better health, they live longer. Studies have shown that optimism improves the immune system, prevents chronic diseases, and even helps you cope with stress better. For these reasons, your body doesn’t suffer from the strain that is typically caused by stress. And when you’re healthy in both body and mind, you live a longer and happier life.

4. Optimists Are Happier Employees

People who are optimistic tend to find satisfaction in their jobs. Instead of complaining about work, they find gratification in the fact that they have a job at all. Pessimists are constantly looking for the worst in things. And instead of appreciating what they have, they whine about their job and its policies or people.

5. Optimists Are More Likely To Be Hired and Promoted

Recruiters have been trained to read people well. And they are more likely to hire someone who exudes a positive attitude than someone who shows signs of pessimism. Optimistic people are also more likely to be promoted because they can have a positive impact on the people around them.

6. Optimists Aren’t Prone To Stress

Optimists don’t give in to stress. They cope with anxiety by having trained themselves to see the good and zone out the bad. During stressful times, they are typically the ones who will rally others who aren’t handling the situation well.

7. Optimists Have Better Relationships

People who are optimistic carry on happier and healthier relationships. Most people know better than to surround themselves with toxic attitudes. They would rather be with people who uplift them and see the good in all things.

Stay positive and count your blessings. Stop complaining and learn to see the positivity in all things and you too can enjoy the beautiful benefits of optimism.