7 Reasons Why Perfectionism Could Be Leading You To Failure

You’d assume that wanting something absolutely perfect wouldn’t be a bad thing. However, perfectionism is hard to achieve and therefore, can lead you to failure.

For perfectionists, it’s either perfect or a failure; no in-between. Unfortunately, this mentality can hurt you. Here are 7 reasons why perfectionism is a bad thing:

1. Unrealistic Standards

Perfectionists have very high standards. And while they insist that everything should be “perfect,” it’s likely that they don’t understand what that means exactly. If you were chasing perfection, it would probably elude you as you would never be satisfied.

2. Causes Stress

Aiming for perfection can be extremely stressful because you’re never content. When you feel that nothing is ever good enough, your mind will never be at rest. Finding fulfillment is something that often eludes perfectionists.

Perfectionists seem to live with constant anxiety as they think that something always needs to be accomplished. Unfortunately, this just makes them work even harder and longer.

3. Your Creativity is Stifled

Perfectionist fear failure more than anything. This can rob you of your creativity and ability to take risks. You don’t entertain your imagination as you worry it will take you away from reaching success.

4. You’re Too Critical with Yourself and Others

Perfectionism can lead you to be judgemental of both yourself and others. It causes you to see what you believe to be flaws in others and you might be bold enough to point these out. You become critical of people who do not share your desire to achieve perfection.

5. You Refuse to Delegate

Perfectionists have a hard time letting go of the reigns. They fear that leaving something they are accountable for in the hands of anyone else will likely result in failure and your humiliation. And when you don’t trust anyone else, you end up doing all the work yourself.

6. You’ll Burn Out

You’re so afraid of negative feedback that you’re willing to overwork yourself. You find yourself always taking things a step further. They never feel that the job is quite done because it’s nowhere near perfect enough. And because reaching perfection is near impossible, you’ll probably never get any rest.

7. You’re Too Eager to Please Everyone

Perfectionists are people pleasers. You’re eager for everyone to think highly of you. With this comes difficulty is making decisions. You avoid engaging in meaningful conversations in fear that you’ll say the wrong thing and upset someone.

Trying to achieve perfection can be exhausting. And being stressed, unable to take risks, and never feeling as though something is quite done will bring you no closer to success.