What Are the Secrets of Happy Parenthood?

We absolutely love our kids. But as much joy as parenting brings us; it can also be incredibly challenging.
What makes some parents better at coping a toddler throwing a tantrum or a teen that talks back? Are there strategies to help us get through the rough times and appreciate our roles as parents? And how can we along the way improve our relationships with our kids?

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7 Changes to Make to Your Daily Life to Build Resiliency

Some are born naturally resilient. If you weren’t, you’ll be happy to know that there are daily habits that you can start practicing now to help you build resiliency, allowing you to bounce back faster when you are faced with challenges.
If you want to learn how to stay cool under pressure and be better prepared for life’s curveballs and the unpredictability of business, here are 7 things you can do every day to strengthen your resiliency:

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7 Benefits of Being More Optimistic

Research shows that people who are hopeful and confident about the outcome of events are generally happier. This optimism that they feel makes them less stressed and better equipped to face challenges. Optimists view life’s problems differently, making them much more successful at coping.

But beyond that, there are more benefits of being optimistic that cover everything from your physical health to your relationships with yourself and other people. Here are 7 reasons why you should be more optimistic:

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5 Tips to Be More Resilient During Challenging Times

In difficult times, do you hold your ground or do you lose your cool? And when the storm has passed, do you recover quickly or do you wallow in self-pity?
People who are resilient are those who maintain a positive outlook despite being faced with difficult times thus coping with stress more effectively. They bounce back and recover from adversity much quicker than someone who buckles under pressure.

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5 Reasons Why Our Dreams Don’t Come True

We all have dreams. We aspire for more than what we are and what we have. And along with having these dreams is the desire to seem them come to life.
But have you wondered why your dreams get stuck and don’t take flight? Why do our dreams remain in our minds and never materialize into more?

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3 Tips to Boost Your Motivation

As we get older, we find that we’re not as eager to learn anything new. Unlike when we were much younger, we’re not as eager and ready to absorb new information. We feel that our development and growth starts to decelerate. However, it would be wrong to deny ourselves the opportunity to learn.

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