Couples tend to seek coaching when they feel stuck in the viscous cycle of disconnect and need help to find specific strategies and solutions for repair to guide them back to a healthy, connected, and fulfilling relationship.

Most couples don’t invest in the continuous effort required for making their marriage a success– until the foundations have crumbled, then a percentage of couples would seek help to patch up the cracks and falling debris. That’s usually the point where they jump into crisis mode – trying to fix things. On the other hand, a staggering number of couples choose to suffer in silence because of their beliefs or fears. Theyrun their relationships on autopilot until the gap between both partners becomes so wide – that it is easier to detach from the relationship.

Wherever you are at as a couple – whether you are just starting out and need some tools to start building your foundation, or you in a relationship for some time where the foundation is built but require some minor repairs and additional tools, to being in full crisis mode where the house is falling apart and you are not sure of the outcome – I am here to support you with whatever you require to get to a point of clarity, action, results and growth.

I work with couples who are looking for resolution, open and ready for change and committed to doing the work towards making their marriage work – despite the distress and despair they are currently experiencing.

Ready to build resilience as a couple?