All Group training/workshops and private intensives are delivered as educational workshops geared towards teaching the skills to help couples strengthen their relationships in a number of ways.

These workshops are for couples who are faced with challenges and transitions in their relationship and are seeking an evidence-based approach that is proven to work in order to fill in the gaps, repair the areas in distress and strengthen the areas that they need to focus on.

Group Training

Group training is held throughout the yearas a multiple-week program, a weekend program or a weekend retreat. The Gottman specific trainings are offered specifically for couples who are engaged or contemplating marriage, newlyweds, couples expecting their first baby, couples with kids, couples married for decades, empty-nesters, etc. Other workshops are available for individuals or couples. Each event will offer details for who the workshop is suitable for and specific details.

Please visit the Events page or the Programs & Workshops page for more information on each workshop, delivery dates, and registration.

Private Intensive

As an alternative option, some workshops/trainings are offered through private intensives. These are for couples who are not able to attend a group workshop or retreat on the dates offered or prefer to schedule their own private workshop at their convenience. The details of these – we would work out on an individual basis. If this option is of interest to you – feel free to reach out to me to discuss this delivery method as an option.

Please visit the Programs & Workshops page for more information on each workshop.

Private Intensive Packages