Be Confident, Courageous & Creative

I guide women through the principles of being a high performer so they can prioritize themselves for success in order to BE more, DO more, HAVE more & ACHIEVE more.

Master Your Full Potential

I offer advanced strategies to help women step out of fear, overwhelm & uncertainty in order to achieve their goals and dreams, be more productive, influential and successful.

Lead An Empowered & Inspired Life

I collaborate with women to take ownership over their lives, break through barriers and maximize their potential for personal and professional success, achievement and fulfillment.

Your Personal Leadership Mentor!

Let’s work together to make this a year for higher levels of development, advancement, and BIG achievement by prioritizing yourself for success.


Own It, Love It, Live It! Three simple yet profoundly powerful statements. They are also my personal mantra. My name is Narissa Singh and I am a passionate mentor, entrepreneur and advocate for women just like you! I am dedicated to using my experience and knowledge to help women harness the power they have in their lives, to become their own leaders and to reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally.

I believe all women should have the opportunity to transform their lives and businesses and to feel inspired and empowered. Just imagine the transformation that could come when we discover how to do better, live better, be better and at the end of the day feel better knowing we have made a difference in our own lives and have inspired the lives of others.

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Are you trying to succeed in life or business but struggling to hold it together and manage your day? I get it! As women we often find ourselves being pulled in many different directions. Let me help you accomplish more of what you want. Book a FREE 1-hour coaching Strategy Session with me and let’s discover how you can redefine your momentum in life

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Let’s work together to help you achieve more success, productivity, and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.


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Bless the day I met Narissa! This lady is not only motivational and inspiring but spending time with her is golden!  She seems to know everyone and is quick to introduce you to who you need to know to get down to business.  Can’t wait until our next meeting!

Evelina Mannarino

As an independent marketing professional for eight years, I know the thrill of entrepreneurship and the desire for constant innovation. Narissa’s insights through “Own it, Love it, Live it” have given me the courage to try new things, embrace challenges and even give myself a little credit along the way. She truly ‘practices what she preaches’ and is an excellent resource for each of us in search of our best life!

Heather Grant

I have had the pleasure of working with Narissa for 5 years now.  Our paths first crossed when she was a fellow business owner.  She is passionate about leading and empowering entrepreneurial women and business owners in general.  She is a skilled coach and a valuable member of the Capital Region’s business community.  It has been amazing working with her and watching her continue to grow the WECAN business network.

Carol Mcbee

Would you like more advanced tools & strategies for becoming more productive, influential & successful.

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