What Are The Secrets Of Happy Parenthood?

We absolutely love our kids. But as much joy as parenting brings us; it can also be incredibly challenging.

What makes some parents better at coping a toddler throwing a tantrum or a teen that talks back? Are there strategies to help us get through the rough times and appreciate our roles as parents? And how can we along the way improve our relationships with our kids?

Here’s how:

Celebrate Your Achievements

As parents, we feel guilt constantly. We think about things we should have done or the things we shouldn’t have said. We wish we had more time. We wish there was more we could do. But the reality is that there’s really only so much that we can do. Instead of beating ourselves up, we should celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far. Think about the decisions you’ve made that were right and make more good ones like that.

Make Time For Yourself

Just as we schedule time for everything else in our lives, you should also make time in your day to do something entirely for yourself. It can be as simple as a bath where no one disturbs you or an hour to read a few chapters of the book you’re trying to finish. When you’re irritated, overwhelmed, and stressed out, you end up taking those feelings out on your kids.  

When we don’t think about our own well-being and mental health, it can catch up to us. Often, we put ourselves last and feel guilty when we take time for ourselves. However, when we schedule leisure time like a massage or a date night, we come back feeling refreshed and happier. So in reality, making time for ourselves actually makes us better, more present and focused parents.

Don’t Hold Grudges

With kids, there’s always something. It could be your teen who broke curfew or had friends over when they weren’t supposed to. Or it could be your pre-schooler who drew on the cat with your makeup. While it’s important to discipline your kids for their behavior, it’s important not to hold grudges. Forgive them and move forward.

Forgiving your children is not just for their well-being and emotional health, but for yours too. When you let go, you live a much more satisfying life. And when your kids are forgiven, they know they are being given the opportunity to redeem themselves. If they feel like you are counting how many times they’ve struck out or are keeping track of how often they’ve disappointed you, it can be damaging to their self-esteem.

Do you have any tips for happy parenthood? What do you do to make the experience of raising your kids more enriching and fulfilling?